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Skool Krew



Little Picassos & STEAM Art Instructor

Miss Brooke

Hi! I'm Brooke! I am a mother, teacher, and an art enthusiastic! I love doing craft projects and tapping into my creativity! One of my biggest passions in life is showing children how to unleash their inner " artist" through using different mediums. I believe every child is a unique being with endless potential. I can't wait to encourage your child to be the most creative they can be! 


Kidstitchers & Mixed Media Instructor

Miss Shirley

Hi, I'm Shirley! My first love for art came with mixed media art. Family is what has influenced me, growing up I would watch my grandmother sew, my grandfather whittle, my mom face paint and my father create anything out of everything. I learned to be creative with making use of items we had. The second year in college I was looking for the right bookbag. Of course, I could not find the right bag for my needs. I began to create my own, from there I made men's totes and other personal requests.  Nothing ends where creativity begins, with that being said dimensional art is my all-time favorite. With encouragement, an artist rises from the talent within.  


Sewing Labs Instructor

Miss Jen

My name is Jen Wolf and I currently teach art at a primary school and Pre-K as well. I feel very relaxed and comfortable while sewing and love teaching others this beautiful and fundamental craft! I am a mother of six. I raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and love making soap for our family!


Nature Art & Mixed Media Instructor

Miss Rachael

Hi there, I'm Rachael! My passions include my family, art, and being outside in nature! I love farm animals and gardening and some of my favorite art that I do is photography and painting. I'm a mom to four girls, two dogs, and one naughty bunny. I love sharing art with kids because I think it's so important for kids to be allowed to express themselves creatively. I hope I get to see your kiddos in one of my classes!

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Claymakers Instructor

Miss Kelsey

Hi, I'm Kelsey!  I've had a passion for arts and crafts all of my life but my love of ceramics blossomed in 2017 when I became the owner of my own pottery studio that she runs with my mom, Vicki, and my dog Marshmallow. I am self-taught and have no formal ceramic schooling but I'm bringing what I have learned to the Art Skool!


Baby & Ability Instructor

Miss Leigh

Hi, I’m Leigh! I was born and raised in Calvert County and graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2012 with my degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure. My love for art, accessibility and inclusion, and anything colorful runs deep—and I truly believe magic happens when those things are combined. I am excited and proud to be able to provide art opportunities for your littlest artists and prove that EVERY artist is able.


Art + Soul & Storytime Art Instructor

Miss Sarah

Hello my name is Sarah, I am an artsy/nature loving girl with a strong want to help people. I began my career with the desire to teach art. I went to college, got a degree in early childhood education, and had the privilege to work and teach in elementary school; it was creative and fulfilling. Later I went back to college and got a masters in psychology and I went on to work in mental health. Now as a mom of four I want to use art as a way to express self love and boost positive emotions. All my art classes encourage personal growth through expressive art. You don't need to have an artistic background to join any of the art classes!

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Crochet & Mixed Media Instructor

Miss Jessica

Hello all, my name is Jessica and I am 39 years old. My father was in the military so I did travel when I was younger however; I spent most of my childhood between Appomattox and Roanoke, VA. My first job was working at a daycare during the whole four years of high school. After that, I joined the Navy and became a flight crewmember on three different types of aircraft over the past 20 years. My job allowed me the opportunity to travel over 28 percent of the world, where I enjoyed learning the arts and culture from
many countries. While growing up, I always wanted to be an artist and participated in many forms of art classes. I enjoy all forms of art and specialize in crochet. I recently retired from the Navy and am thrilled to share my passion of art with my other joy,
teaching children.


Drawing & Oil Painting Instructor

Miss Emmarose

Hi, I'm Emmarose!  I've have been a training artist for the past ten years, specializing in various areas of painting, drawing and printmaking.  I enjoy teaching children in my love for art history in several cultures and like to individually challenge my students in their artistic abilities.  I hope to not only give them the freedom to share their creative mindsets, but to raise their potential as future artists of the world!

Interested in joining the krew?

We always welcome the opportunity to add more talent to our team!  Give us a call or send an email to tell us about yourself!


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